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TriVista XEDA(Xiqing Economic Development Area) Seminar 9/13/2016

img_4334TriVista Hosts “Continuous Improvement for Manufacturing Companies” Seminar in XEDA

TriVista, in collaboration with Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Area (XEDA), hosted a half day seminar on September 2nd on the topic “Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing Companies.” Companies local to XEDA attended the seminar.

TriVista’s Operations Director, Barry Song discussed current operational situations, challenges and opportunities faced by Manufacturing companies in China. He stated, “[That] With an increase in labor cost, it is vital for enterprises to improve productivity. Automation is not a sustainable solution. On a fundamental level, companies need to change their management strategy and improve from ‘Extensive Management’ to ‘Fine Management’.”


Barry brings TriVista more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, operations, and leadership as well as an extensive background in transforming low performing facilities into successful operations by utilizing his deep knowledge of Lean & Six Sigma Processes.

Barry leads many strategic engagements for TriVista in China including large scale factory startups, M&A operations, due diligence, and operational performance improvement projects.


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