Binhai New Area Consultants, Law Firms and Service Providers

Many companies look to consultants, legal and accounting firms, government entities, investment bureaus and chambers of commerce to provide guidance and insight when investing or setting up business operations in China.  Starting a manufacturing firm or other business in China requires patience, detailed information gathering and due diligence.  Utilizing one or a combination of these firms can be very helpful as you look to establish a business in Binhai.  Below you will find a list of service providers recommended by the Understand China team.

Advisory Firm Description of Services Contact
TriVista TriVista helps companies establish themselves in China through our Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Market Entry Advisory Services. Mike McSweeney

If you are a service provider or organization that assists companies doing business in China, and would like to be added to our list, please fill out our Application Form.

TriVista’s global consulting team provides guidance to foreign businesses operating in China. Learn More.

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