Chongqing Logistics Information

As Western China’s largest city, Chongqing serves as a convenient hub for river, rail, air, and road transportation throughout the region. The ports along the Yangtze River have an annual cargo capacity of 10 million tonnes and are capable of handling ships up to 10,000 tonnes. Multiple East/West railways connect Chongqing to Chengdu and the Eastern coast of China, and more are under construction. Three airports (one international and two domestic) serve Chongqing with an annual cargo capacity of 110,000 tonnes. The main airport is working on a 48-hour logistics zone which can express ship local goods to many major international cities in less than two days. Chongqing is becoming a land transportation hub as well; several Chinese highways already intersect within the municipality, and the latest Government plans call for no less than five more.

Region Population Airport Water Port GDP (USD billion)
Chongqing Municipality 28,846,170 Yes (CKG) River 117 (2010)

74.62 (2008)

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