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Gansu’s economy is hindered by its underdeveloped transportation infrastructure. With a highway freight capacity of only 220 million tonnes and a rail capacity of 33 million tonnes, Gansu’s land transportation system pales in comparison to those of other provinces. Four airports operate within Gansu.  The largest, in the city of Lanzhou, offers service to most major Chinese cities, but it has no international passenger routes. Air cargo operations in Gansu remain in their infancy. Although Gansu’s harbors offer regional passenger transportation, no sizable cargo operations have yet taken place. Despite these limitations, transportation improvements within the Gansu are being made. The Government is expanding its road network at a rate of 460 km per year with the goal of connecting all cities and towns in the province with paved roadways.

Region Population Airport Water Port GDP (USD billion)
Gansu 25,575,254 Yes No 59.6 (2010)

47.9 (2009)

Lanzhou 3,320,100 Yes (ZGC) No 14.27 (2009)
Baiyin 1,800,00 No No 4.09 (2009)
Jiuquan 1,020,000 Yes (JGN) No 4.95 (2009)
Qinyang 2,548,00 Yes (ION) No 3.84 (2009)
Wuwei 1,930,200 No No 2.98 (2009)
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