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Due to its location near the center of the Chinese Mainland, Henan has an excellent logistics industry. It borders Shandong and Hebei to the north and Hubei to the south. Although Henan has no sizable river ports or seaports, its expansive rail network offers easy movement of goods domestically and internationally. Henan’s railways carry over 99 million tonnes of cargo annually. Its capital city, Zhengzhou, is one of the biggest rail hubs in China for both freight and passenger lines.  Its rail-port transfer station, the largest in China, offers customs clearance and exchange settlement services for easy export of goods. Henan’s three airports offer passenger service to regional domestic and international Asian destinations, but its air cargo network is rather small, capable of carrying only 45,000 tonnes annually. Henan also has an expansive road network which carries over 700 million tonnes of cargo annually.

Region Population Airport Water Port GDP (USD billion)
Henan Province 98,690,000 Yes No 333 (2010)

283.97 (2009)

Zhengzhou 7,400,000 Yes (CGO) No 51 (2009)

43.4 (2008)

Luoyang 6,544,000 Yes (LYA) No 30.8 (2009)

27.7 (2008)

Nanyang 10,700,000 Yes (NNY) No 26.4 (2009)

23.6 (2008)

Xuchang 4,450,000 No No 15.3 (2009)

11.4 (2007)

Jiaozuo 3,455,000 No No 16.5 (2009)

14.9 (2008)

Zhoukou 10,600,000 No No 12 (2009)

10.8 (2007)

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