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Hubei is a landlocked province located in mid-eastern China, neighboring the municipality of Chongqing. All transport from Hubei to China’s coast is facilitated though highways, railways, and river transit. Over 160 river ports provide indirect links between Hubei’s cities and ocean shipping routes. Its largest port, the Port of Wuhan, is capable of carrying 89 million tonnes of cargo annually, making it China’s largest river port in China. Cargo from the Port of Wuhan is easily moved up the Yangtze River to Chongqing or downriver to Nanjing and Shanghai, where it can be transferred to ocean vessels. Wuhan is the center of a 90,000 km  (55,900 miles)long rail network and a 90,000 km long highway network, connecting it directly to eight other provinces and 195 cities in China. Hubei has six domestic airports and one international airport offers service to regional Asian destinations.

Region Population Airport Water Port GDP (USD billion)
Hubei Province 57,237,740 Yes River 225 (2010)

163.3 (2008)

Wuhan 9,100,000 Yes (WUH) River 71.2 (2009)

57.1 (2008)

Xiangfan 5,900,000 Yes (XFN) River 11.0 (2009)

8.4 (2008)

Jingzhou 6,500,000 No River 10.9 (2009)

6.8 (2007)

Xiaogan 5,300,000 No No 10.5 (2009)

6.3 (2007)

Huangshi 2,600,000 No River 4.7 (2009)

4.2 (2008)

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