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Liaoning is located on the northeastern coast of China, bordering Hebei and the Bohai bay. Liaoning’s five seaports are capable of handling 200 million tonnes of cargo annually, shipping to over 120 countries. Its main port, situated in Dalian, handles 85 percent of the province’s cargo and is China’s largest port for grain and oil transportation. The port of Dalian is China’s second largest container transshipment hub. Liaoning’s six airports, including two international airports in Shenyang and Dalian, offer service to domestic and international Asian destinations. Cities within Liaoning are connected through a complex system of railways and highways. A major highway artery, recently constructed between the cities of Dalian and Shenyang, allows for efficient transport of goods throughout the region.  Liaoning’s railway system carries over 142 million tonnes of freight annually.

Region Population Airport Water Port GDP (USD billion)
Liaoning Province 43,746,343 Yes Coastal 260 (2010)

158.8 (2008)

Shenyang 7,796,000 Yes (SHE) No 65.8 (2009)

57.1 (2008)

Dalian 6,170,000 Yes (DLC) Coastal 67.1 (2009)

64.7 (2008)

Anshan 3,584,000 Yes (AOG) No 26.7 (2009)

23.2 (2008)

Panjin 1,300,000 No Coastal 7.3 (2007)
Jinzhou 4,000,000 Yes (JNZ) Coastal 11.2 (2009)

9.9 (2008)

Fushun 2,300,000 No No 10.8 (2009)

9.5 (2008)

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