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As a division of TriVista, Understand China offers consulting services for Greenfield and Brownfield startups, operations and supply chain management, and acquisition due-diligence. TriVista is a management consulting firm that has helped hundreds of companies establish and improve business operations. If you need assistance with your China start-up or you simply seek to increase margins and optimize the efficiency of your operations, please feel free to contact us.

Understand-China.com is an interactive online platform offering concise and relevant information for enterprises seeking to invest or expand in China. Our regional-specific investment guides simplify the often confusing investment process in China, helping enterprises to make educated decisions regarding investment strategy in the China market.

Understand China’s Regional Investment Guides include information on:

Topic Description
China Foreign Investment & Manufacturing Information Regional FDI and GDP figures. Important Cities, Universities and Major Industries Information
China Logistics Rail, Highway, Port, Airport & other Critical Shipping Information
China Employee Wage & Labor Cost Information Minimum Wage Requirements and Average Manufacturing Employee Wages based on Region
Starting a Business in China Information to Help you Start a Business in China and the different Incorporating Options by Region
Chinese Investment Promotion Authorities and Incentive Programs Resources to Help you Find Information on Investment Incentives and Promotions in each Region
China Real Estate and Manufacturing Utility Costs Information Average Rental Costs for Manufacturing Facilities and Average Water and Electricity Rates by Region
China Consultants, Law Firms & Service Providers A List of Resources that Offer Services that Assist Companies Conducting Business in China

TriVista’s global consulting team provides guidance to foreign businesses operating in China. Learn More.

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