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Chongqing Employee Wage & Labor Cost Information

The average wage of a direct manufacturing employee in Chongqing for the first of 2011 was approximately RMB 2,671 per month, an increase from 1,866 from 2010. Chongqing’s legal minimum wage for a full time employee is between RMB 710 and RMB 870 per month.  The minimum wage was raised in March of 2011 by legislation across China.  Prior to this change, the minimum wage for Chongqing started at RMB 580.  Chongqing is included in a China’s plan to increase the minimum wage throughout the mainland to combat the high inflation and increase the standard of living. Calculating the exact cost of a direct employee on an hourly basis involves a complex formula composed of a daily base salary, employee benefits, and taxation.

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