Investment Incentives

Gansu Investment Promotion Authorities and Incentives

Every region in China, including Gansu, has government run investment promotion authorities that promote trade and foreign investment in that region. While the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (also known as MOFCOM) has authority for investment in greater China, it can be very helpful to reach out to similar agencies at the local and provincial levels as these organizations possess intimate local market knowledge. Many regional authorities will also offer additional incentives to foreign companies looking to invest in specific industries.

Important Note: Many incentives must be repaid at the provincial and/or city level in the event that the company leaves the region. National incentives are not typically subject to these restrictions.

Type Agency Name & Link
Provincial Investment and Trade Promotion Board of Gansu Province
National Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM)
Provincial Gansu Provincial People’s Government
Gansu Investment Incentives
Incentive Type Description
Environmental Protection and Public Welfare Projects State The Gansu Provincial Government offers tax subsidies for environmental protection and public welfare projects.
Construction Enterprises State The Gansu Provincial Government strongly encourages construction enterprise to invest within the province, offering increased credit support for key construction projects.
Financial Institutions State The Gansu Provincial Government offers support for insurance companies that set up branches and subsidiaries in within the provinc
Manufacturing, High Tech, and Export-Oriented Enterprises State The Gansu Provincial Government offers a 40 percent price reduction on transfers of land-use rights for manufacturing, high tech and export-oriented industries.
Foreign Funded Enterprises State The Gansu Provincial Government offers significant tax subsidies for foreign-funded enterprises that invest in ethnic autonomous prefectures and counties.
Chief Experts and Talents State As an incentive to attract senior talents, the provincial government offers an RMB 4,000 per month subsidy for chief experts and professors who have relocated to Gansu. In addition, they offer stock rights, dividends, and other rewards for scientific and technological achievements.
Large and Medium-Sized Enterprises State The Gansu Provincial Government offers increased credit support to large and medium sized enterprises incorporated and based within Gansu.
Western China Development National The Chinese National Government strongly encourages foreign enterprises to invest in Western China. They offer tax subsidies and other preferential policies for enterprises with newly established transportation/water conservancy/broadcast television projects, mining enterprises, banking enterprise, commercial retail enterprises, Sino-foreign trade companies, investors in RMB financial business, insurance enterprise, Sino-foreign travel agencies, accounting firms, legal firms, enterprises engaged in commercial projects and enterprises engaged in infrastructure and competitive industry projects.

In addition, the Chinese National Government offers preferential land use policies and a 15 percent income tax rate for all industrial enterprises in Western China (Eastern China’s tax rate is 33 percent).

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