Chongqing Business Information
Population 28,846,170
GDP (USD) 117 B
USD:RMB Exchange Rate 1:6.5
Average Mfg Employee Wage (per month) 2,671 RMB
Average Industrial Facility Cost (per month) 18.8 RMB/m2
Access to Logistics Fair

Chongqing Manufacturing & Investment Information

Chongqing is the most populated municipality in all of China and serves as the primary logistics and distribution base for Western China and it is well known for heavy industry.  In 2009, Chongqing generated a GDP of USD 96 billion, due to the strength of the automobile, iron and steel fabrication, military, and chemical refining industries. In 2010, it increased by 22 percent resulting in a GDP of 117 billion. Major companies such as Chang’an Group (Suzuki/Ford-Mazda), British Petroleum, Sinopec, BASF, and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical have invested in Chongqing. There are 38 universities and related institutions of higher education with a total of approximately 405,000 students enrolled annually. Since June 2007, the Chinese Central Government has put special emphasis on Chongqing’s development, giving preferential treatment similar to that of Tianjin’s Binhai New Area and Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. In addition to its city-wide preferential policies, Chongqing has several development zones and other economically incentivized areas.

Major Cities near Chongqing Chongqing’s Main Industries
  • Mianyang
  • Chengdu
  • Deyang
  • Yibin
  • Dazhou
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles
  • Medical
  • General Manufacturing

Chongqing & Foreign Investment

Chongqing’s large size and multitude of investment incentives are finally being realized by investors.  In 2008, Chongqing received a disproportionately small amount of foreign investment utilizing just USD 2.72 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), 66 percent less than Shanghai that year.  However, its 2009 FDI of 4.016 billion shows the interest from investors is increasing in Chongqing.

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