Hainan (SEZ) Business Information
Population 8,671,518
GDP (USD) 32.8 B
USD:RMB Exchange Rate 1:6.5
Average Mfg Employee Wage (per month) 2,766 RMB
Average Industrial Facility Cost (per month) 18 RMB/m2
Access to Logistics Good

Hainan Manufacturing & Investment Information

The Hainan province is quickly becoming China’s premier vacation and tourism destination. In December 2009, the Chinese government established it as one of the “International Tourist Destinations” for China. Although it is listed as one of China’s China’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs), it is isolated from the manufacturing supply chains of the mainland and does not have adequate electrical infrastructure for large-scale industry.  Over 50 percent of Hainan’s annual exports consist of agricultural products including large amounts of rubber. Despite its industrial limitations, Hainan’s economy is developing favorably towards tourism.  Its undeveloped natural environment, beautiful beaches, and pleasant climate make it a popular vacation destination. A recently constructed undersea rail connecting Hainan with Guangdong province provides easy access to mainland China.

Major Cities in Hainan Hainan’s Main Industries
  • Danzhou
  • Haikou
  • Sanya
  • Wenchang
  • Qionghai
  • Agriculture
  • Rubber
  • Tourism
  • Fisheries
  • Herbal Medicines

Hainan & Foreign Investment

In 2009, Hainan generated a GDP of USD 24 billion.  In 2010 it rose to USD 32.8 billion.  Hainan utilized USD 0.17 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which was well below the Chinese national average.

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