Shanghai Business Information
Population 23,019,418
GDP (USD) 250 B
USD:RMB Exchange Rate 1:6.5
Average Mfg Employee Wage (per month) 3,084 RMB
Average Industrial Facility Cost (per month) 27.3 RMB/m2
Access to Logistics Very Good

Shanghai Manufacturing & Investment Information

Shanghai is the economic center of China and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its advantageous location on the eastern coast of China near the mouth of the Yangtze River and one of the world’s largest ports contributed to its 2009 GDP of USD 218 billion.  It has seen consistent growth since then increasing its GDP to USD 250 billion in 2010. Despite growing manufacturing costs, Shanghai and the surrounding area still attract significant investment in industrial and consumer product manufacturing.

Major Cities Near Shanghai Shanghai’s Main Industries
  • Changzhou
  • Nantong
  • Nanjing
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles
  • Steel
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Medical
  • Petrochemical
  • Logistics

Shanghai & Foreign Investment

The strong financial industry and influx of FDI, USD 8.1 billion in 2008 and USD 10.54 billion in 2010 contribute to Shanghai’s economic stamina.  In addition to its financial industry, Shanghai is known for the computer information, petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, automobile and steel industries.  Nearly 300 of the world’s top 500 enterprises have invested in Shanghai, further bolstering its economy.  Shanghai is a well established, modern city that appeals to foreign investors due to its well regarded reputation as a financial district.  As one of the largest cities in the world, Shanghai has an abundant workforce of both skilled and unskilled laborers and 60 universities enrolling more than 442,600 students.

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